Making the most of COVID-19 weddings

I think it is arguable that most of us know someone who has had their wedding impacted thanks to the coronavirus, or perhaps you have encountered this unfortunate happening yourself. I can’t imagine how stressful it is to plan a wedding only to postpone, cancel altogether, or un-plan, and my heart goes out to anyone who has been affected in this regard.

That being said, though, COVID-19 doesn’t have to totally destroy a wedding. In fact, after attending a wedding on the weekend that was seriously influenced by the coronavirus, I think COVID weddings really don’t have to be as problematic as we may perceive them to be.

I realize it is easy for me to say this considering I haven’t had to endure the frustration of having my own wedding potentially jeopardized by this pandemic, but hear me out. The wedding I went to on the weekend was to celebrate the marriage of good friends of Blaine and I, and Blaine was a groomsman. The ceremony and reception both took place in the backyard of a family friend to the bride and groom, and the location was a very appropriate venue considering their guest list had to be significantly cut. The entire afternoon/evening was spent outdoors, and the day really was wonderful.

While the bride and groom had to make some difficult decisions in order to alter their special day to be in accordance with COVID-19 protocols here in Ontario, I think they were ultimately able to plan their day exactly how they wanted to. Because it was a backyard wedding and there wasn’t a ton of guests, I feel as though they were able to do what they wanted, and I imagine if I asked them, they likely wouldn’t have changed a thing.

COVID-19 weddings aren’t ideal, but they don’t have suck. If you know someone who had had their wedding impacted by this pandemic, encourage them to read this.

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