Thinking about purchasing a Google Nest? Read this

Artificial intelligence-based technology has somewhat inundated our lives since products like Alexa and Google Home have been released. For many of us, these devices are integral components of daily life, while for others they remain a foreign and arguably somewhat intimidating concept.

When these types of products first hit the market, I recall being intrigued by them, but I never bothered to purchase one. I figured that because I already had Siri thanks to my iPhone I really didn’t need another artificial intelligence device, but after receiving a free Google Nest as a result of having a Spotify premium membership, I thought I would give a review of what I think of the product.

I have to admit that my Google Nest is pretty neat. It’s smaller than what I was anticipating, roughly the size of a hamburger bun, but this isn’t a bad thing as it can easily be tucked away and out of sight if you so desire. I ordered mine in the charcoal option.

I didn’t have any difficulty with setting my Nest up as it came with very straightforward instructions. I simply downloaded the Google Home app onto my iPhone, answered a few questions, and within ten minutes it was ready to use.

The Google Nest essentially offers the same functions as Siri does, but what is nice is that it doesn’t require a phone to be used. Simply saying “Hey Google” within range of the Nest activates it, and you can also turn the devices microphone off when you’re not using it.

I do like my Nest, and I’m making use of it, but I don’t think I would ever order one for myself as they’re pretty pricey and it is very similar to Siri. But, if technological convenience is your thing, the Google Nest just might be for you.

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