Reinstating relaxation

Relaxation is a concept most of us are familiar with, but I question how many of us truly practice the meaning of the word, especially in the current state of the world we are living in. With so much negativity and cause for concern inundating our lives via media day after day, it’s easy to understand why some of us might be struggling to relax as effectively as we could be. But, the importance of being able to practice relaxation remains the same, and I firmly believe a lot of us struggle to apply the meaning of the concept to our own lives.

I have always had difficulty when it comes to turning my brain and body off in an attempt to relax. I actually tend to feel guilty when I allow myself to relax, which is a very toxic habit, and I actually know quite a few people who struggle with this. It’s definitely something I am working on and hope to improve and eventually correct, but a major component of relaxation for me is gaining control and telling myself I deserve to relax like anyone else.

Something that helps me to relax is essentially forcing myself to ignore the temptation to keep busy. It sounds pretty simple, and in reality, it is, but it is difficult to practice at times. I like to rely on an interesting movie or show to distract myself, and this strategy does prove to be effective when I am really struggling to wind down.

I find it a little bothersome that so many of us struggle to take time out of our day for ourselves. Relaxation is a necessary component of life for all of us, yet many of us don’t invest in it. If you’re someone who struggles to practice relaxation, try to figure out some strategies to make it easier for yourself to take a breather.

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