Have you seen ‘Girls Incarcerated’?

I apologize if it seems as though I’m giving an awful lot of television series/film reviews as of late, but I ask you to hang in for one more. I’ve been watching some interesting things lately, and I figure someone on the internet will appreciate my thoughts and opinions towards them.

I hope so, anyway.

Much like my review the other day, todays review is also of a crime-based series, but in a different context. I’ve been watching Girls Incarcerated via Netflix and am just about finished the first season, so I figure I can give a decent review at this point.

Girls Incarcerated is, if you haven’t already guessed, about young women who have been sent to prison to serve time. There are girls who opt to have their identity shown and others who prefer not to, and the girls in the particular penitentiary depicted in the series are incarcerated for a variety of reasons; theft, assault, drug use, and more.

I honestly have a bit of a hard time watching this show occasionally because it is saddening to see girls of such young ages incarcerated. Many of them come from broken homes or the streets, and quite a few have parents who have also spent time in prison, highlighting the awful cyclical nature of repetitive crime within a family. But, despite the show making viewers uncomfortable at times, I think it is worth watching for different reasons, for example, getting a glimpse of the harsh realities of the prison system for these young girls, and further being conscious and grateful of privileges many of these girls don’t have that we do and often take for granted.

I think this show serves as a firm reminder to be conscious of how fortunate many of us are. It puts things into perspective, and I absolutely recommend watching it.

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