Have you seen ‘Ratched’?

Ratched made its Netflix debut recently, and because I’m a curious individual, I wanted to give it a watch. I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into the pilot episode other than I knew the show focused on a female nurse named Mildred Ratched, and because Sarah Paulson plays the lead and I enjoy her work, I figured I would like it.

My assumptions were certainly correct. Before I continue, though, I want to give a heads up that this post contains spoilers if you haven’t seen this series, so please keep that in mind if you’re hoping to watch it.

Nurse Ratched, played by Paulson, definitely gives the impression that she is a talented and passionate young nurse working at a psychiatric hospital. The show depicts how the medical world would have been decades ago, which is what the show is set in time-wise, and despite Ratched’s seemingly innocent first impression, it becomes apparent rather quickly that she isn’t exactly who she says she is.

It is revealed a few episodes in that Nurse Ratched is a sister to an extremely violent male named Edmund who happens to be a patient at the hospital she pulled some strings to be hired at. Her brother recently brutally murdered four priests, and despite his convincing portrayal of Schizophrenia, it becomes clear that he is acting.

I’m really enjoying this show so far, and I’m intrigued to see where the plot will take viewers. So far there have been a few plot twists and I am only a few episodes in, so I imagine there will be more.

I do recommend this show, but be warned that it is extremely gory. There isn’t much spared in terms of detail for the imagination as the series shows a lot of graphic material, but if you have a strong stomach, this could could end up being one of your favourites.

Image from https://decider.com/2020/08/05/who-is-nurse-ratched/amp/

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