This is why you need to take more baths

Taking baths is one of my favourite things to do to wind down after a long day. I’m not exactly sure what is it about baths, but whenever I take one and allow myself to truly soak and relax, I find myself feeling calmed and content.

It’s always been shocking to me that there a lot of people out there who don’t take baths for a few different reasons, the main being that the idea of soaking in your own filth is a major turnoff. Personally, if I am filthy, I will shower instead of bathe, but to each their own.

And, for all of us who aren’t bath-takers, an article from The Good News Network may change your mind about them since they’re able to lower blood pressure when enjoyed on a regular basis.

“Taking a hot bath several times a week has been shown in a study to possibly reduce your risk for blood pressure and diabetes.

“These findings came from a cohort study of 1,300 individuals in three different bathing groups—those who took a hot bath less than one, from one to four, and four or more, times a week.

“Consistent with other findings based on the therapeutic benefits of extreme heat, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes collected measurements like blood pressure, body mass, and blood tests, and found that those with a higher frequency of bathing saw decreases in body weight, diastolic blood pressure, and glycated hemoglobin (a marker of blood sugar).

“The highest average risk reductions were observed in those who bathed four or more times a week for a mean duration of 16 minutes, and the improvements in blood pressure and blood sugar were observed in adults regardless of weight, age, sex, or medications taken,” the article explains.

I’m certainly delighted by these recent findings, and maybe they will give more of us some incentive to give baths a fair chance.

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