Not a strong swimmer? Consider buying this wetsuit

Swimming, for a lot of us, is a leisurely or competitive activity. Some of us like to go for a dip from time to time recreationally, and some of us like to partake in the activity a little more intensely.

Regardless of what your preference is when it comes to swimming, there are some of us who refrain from engaging in the activity altogether due to being a weak swimmer or potentially having a fear of water. But, as it turns out, there is a solution for those of us who don’t feel totally confident in water, says an article from The Good News Network.

“A wetsuit called the Floater is getting people in the water after decades of living in fear.

“Traditionally, there are flotation belts, but they can be difficult to use with a tricky center of gravity that can leave the wearer face down. Life jackets often ride up on the neck and can be uncomfortable and bulky.

“Donna Mudge, a resident of Santa Barbara, needed something special to conquer her fear. Now in her mid-fifties, she never learned to swim. ‘Every time I was swimming, I feared that I would sink. And when I panicked, I would sink,’ said Mudge.

“Swimming lessons from a lifeguard friend did little to alleviate Mudge’s fear. After one bad incident in the deep end during her swimming lessons, Mudge said, ‘I gripped the edge of the pool so tight, my friend couldn’t get me to let go.’

“Since then, the flotation wetsuit by Airtime Watertime has taken away her doubts about swimming in deep water.

“’I felt I could get in the water without someone watching me,’ said Mudge, who now has the confidence to go boogie boarding by herself for the first time ever.

“Invented by surfer and entrepreneur Mark Okrusko, the Floater wetsuit keeps people buoyant with a patented flotation panel in the chest, which was first developed to help disabled people to enjoy the water.

“’All wetsuits may look similar; however, the Airtime Watertime wetsuit stands, or floats above the rest, because of the added flotation in the front panel,’ said Okrusko,” the article states.

I think this is a fantastic advancement in the realm of swimming, and I would imagine that this wetsuit could benefit a lot of different people.

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