The harsh reality of losing a dog

Dogs, if you have or have ever had one, are one of life’s biggest blessings. They truly are some of the most loving, loyal, and special animals to walk the earth, hence why losing them is a loss that cuts so deep.

My family and I lost our dog Sam several years ago now. He was hit and we put him down, but his brother, Jake, remained with us for over four more years.

Jake was without a doubt my best friend. He and I shared a bond I doubt I will ever have with an animal again, and he held a cherished spot in my heart.

A couple of days ago, my mom found Jake laying in our yard. She knew something was wrong but didn’t want to get too close as she noticed a lot of blood and didn’t want to see him in such a state up close. She told my dad and he and two of our workers loaded him in a truck and my uncle buried him near his brother, Sam.

Jake was 12. I was entirely aware of the fact that his end would eventually arrive, but I never thought he would die in such a manner. We believe he was attacked and mauled by something he encountered in our yard, and based on what I saw, I am sure he put up a fight until the end protecting his property and his family.

I really cannot put into words how much I am hurting without him here with me anymore. Knowing he passed in such a devastating way makes his absence on our farm and within our family dynamic so, so much harder, and I doubt I will ever entirely stop grieving him.

My dearest Jakey: I cannot thank you enough for being such an incredible dog. You are my best friend, and I can’t wait to see you again someday.

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