We need to stop being so personal via social media

Social media arguably offers as many positives as it does negatives. Most of us make use of and rely on social media as a source of entertainment, and some of us are even addicted to it.

Something I think that needs to be addressed in terms of a social media presence is understanding how seriously dangerous it is to share personal information across platforms. I’ve been seeing more and more posts from individuals encouraging social media users to be more mindful of the sort of content they’re sharing with the World Wide Web via their own accounts, and I believe that unless this issue is rectified in the near future, more and more of us will fall victim to the consequences that can arise from being too personal on social media.

I have friends on different social media platforms that share far too much personal information with others. Whether it be your family dynamic, your job, what you do for a hobby, your address, the car you drive or where you do your grocery shopping, this sort of information is not intended to be widespread among complete strangers using these same social media platforms, and it is terrifying to consider what could occur if this personalized information gets into the wrong hands.

I highly encourage you to take some time and comb through your social profiles to see if there is any public information present about yourself that shouldn’t be public. Perhaps you posted something years ago containing private details you didn’t initially realize were private, but regardless of how old a post is, remove it if it contains any type of information personal to you. When it comes to social media, you really can’t be too careful, and I think a lot of us could use a little more caution on the internet.

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