Beware of puppy scams

As I mentioned here on my blog a little while ago, our sweet pup Jake was tragically killed back in October. He was a 12-year-old blue heeler and was my best friend, and my family and I miss him and his antics daily. We all still see and hear his presence on the farm from time to time as well, which is simultaneously comforting and saddening.

It’s been three months since we have had a dog on the farm, which is the longest I think we may have ever gone without a pup in our lives. We agreed we wanted to get blue heeler puppies again when the time was right, however they aren’t the easiest to find amongst breeders here in Ontario.

My dad found an ad via Kijiji advertising blue heeler puppies towards Windsor, and we put a deposit down to secure three of them. The day before we were supposed to pick them up and bring them to their forever home, we received a call from the breeders who claimed their home was broken into that afternoon and all of the puppies and their parents had been stolen.

My family and I agreed the timing of this theft was a little too convenient and started doing some investigating. We discovered that we, along with a lot of other people, had been scammed, and alerted the authorities as soon as we realized what has occurred. We can only hope these people are held accountable for their irresponsible and malicious actions, and I hope my girl karma pays them a visit.

We certainly aren’t the only ones who have been scammed by puppy breeders. This unfortunately is a rather common occurrence in Ontario and further in Canada, and I hope our experience can serve as a warning to anyone else on the hunt for puppies and encourage you to double check all of your sources.

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