Christmas 2020: different, but good

Now that all the hype pertaining to Christmas has diminished a wee bit and we’re all well fed and watered, I’m curious as to how everyone celebrated this year. In my family, we normally have a relatively large gathering with my dad’s family and also my mom’s, but obviously, these gatherings didn’t take place this year. Instead, my mom, dad, sister, Blaine and I spent majority of the holidays in each other’s company, in a very low key, relaxed manner, and honestly, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I think sometimes it requires a change as dramatic as a pandemic for us to recognize how many blessings surround us in life. While Christmas for my family this year was entirely alternate to what we typically do, I happened to enjoy the casualness of the celebrations. My cousins and I even participated in a virtual gift exchange, and it ended up working out quite well.

As for how everyone else celebrated this year, according to an article from The Good News Network, virtual gatherings were all the rage.

“Seven in 10 Americans (were) planning to participate in more holiday gatherings this year—because they’re being held virtually, according to a new poll.

“A survey of 2,000 Americans revealed 72% of respondents (participated) in at least one virtual celebration this holiday season, and of those, 68% (planned) to be more social than in years past.

“Results also revealed 60% of Americans surveyed said virtual celebrations will be the norm for themselves and their family this holiday season, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day,” the article says.

I think technology and its ability to unite us through distance has proven itself to be pretty essential throughout 2020. We arguably haven’t relied on video services via technology in years past like we have this year, and while celebrations looked a little bit different than they normally do, we can be thankful they occurred at all.

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