Here’s how to make use of those kitchen scraps

Kitchen scraps, or food scraps, depending on what you prefer to call them, aren’t exactly the easiest things to make use of. It is difficult to come up with a way to incorporate food scraps into your cooking routine, so often times we tend to throw these ingredients away, however, food waste is something I’m rather passionate about in terms of advocating against it. So, when I came across an article from The Good News Network detailing how to repurpose food scraps into actual dishes, I wanted to share.

“IKEA’s recent collaboration with 10 super chefs led to the creation of a new kind of scrapbook—one that contains recipes made from food scraps.

“Utilizing the less-loved parts of produce or cheese, the SCRAPSBOOK curates 50 recipes for kitchen scraps that would otherwise be thrown away,” says the article.

As for some examples of the recipes within this cookbook?

“Adrian Forte from Ontario and David Gunawan from British Columbia turn radish leaves and kale stems into risotto and pesto, while Bruneau-Guenther contributes again to a pan-baked dish of squash and potato skins with maple syrup and cheese to help people get the most amount of fiber and nutrients out of their starches of choice.

“The 111-page SCRAPSBOOK, downloadable in PDF here, also contains instructions for all kinds of different ways to reuse food scraps, beyond simply composting them—although it has instructions for starting a compost pile, too!

  • “How to regrow produce from chopped ends
  • “Using ground eggshells as a limescale cleaner
  • “How to prepare cucumber leftovers as an insect repellent
  • “Tips for how to store different produce that you wouldn’t expect
  • “How to clean your finest skillets with leftover food instead of steel wool

“It can be a great feeling to know that every taste inherent in a piece of food was turned into talent to make your life more nutritious and closer to Mother Earth,” the article explains.

How cool is this concept?

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