Read this to learn how your old socks can help dogs

I know, I know. Dogs and socks aren’t exactly the most common pairing in an equation, but hear me out. I came across an article from The Good News Network explaining how these two very different things can come together to achieve a beneficial common good, and I’m guessing you’ll want to hear about it.

“Smartwool designs base layers, baseball caps, leggings—basically every apparel item you could want for an active day out in nature. But what the Colorado brand is really known for is its socks. Super cozy, super quality, Merino wool socks.

“As of Earth Day on April 22, Smartwool will be recycling your old socks—no matter what the brand.

“Socks are the most thrown-away clothing items there is. After all, who would want them? To help close the recycling gap and provide a home for those past-their-best socks, Smartwool has come up with a plan.

“Until May 2, just look for the collection bins at these retailers in 42 states to drop your socks into. If you want to mail them to the company, you’ll need buy something from the website first. Then you can opt for a free mailer bag at check-out.

“What will happen to all those socks that have been saved from landfills? They’ll go into filling dog beds—that will be available for sale around Christmas time—of course,” says the article.

For us Canadians, this news isn’t exactly the most applicable, however, I still think it is worth sharing. This is a phenomenal initiative, and really, who wouldn’t want to hear about a progressive movement that benefits sweet puppers and the environment?

The article explains how many of us recycle other items of clothing, but not socks to quite the same extent, which I find to be rather interesting. Perhaps this tactic by Smartwool will change that.

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