Giving credit where credit is due

I am a firm believer in recognizing someone’s efforts and a job well done when appropriate. Perhaps this stems from a history of working at jobs where hard work goes unnoticed, because I’ve endured a few (like most of us, but regardless of where the incentive comes from to applaud people when appropriate, it is a mantra all of us should abide by.

There are few things more discouraging than working hard at something for someone only to have our commitment totally unrecognized. It makes us feel useless, under-appreciated, and, possibly in a way, as if we are being taken for granted.

When we put our utmost effort into something without garnering any acknowledgement for it, it is arguably a means to lose interest or lessen our work ethic towards other tasks as a result of frustration. This sparks a vicious cycle, and often times, the only way to pull ourselves out of it is to distance ourselves from the situation in which we are being taken advantage of.

It is unfortunate that this occurrence often takes place in the working world, because it can exist in all sectors of life. I believe it happens more frequently in the work world because so many employers are ignorant of the benefits of giving their employees incentive to stay and work hard, and this realization is a sad one, because so many work-related issues could be resolved simply by showing appreciation and gratitude towards employees.

If someone does something for you, whether it be in a job, a relationship, a friendship or some other type of situation, please show your thanks. It can mean the world to someone, and chances are if you express your gratitude towards them and what they have done for you, they’ll be back the next time you need something done.

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