Have we forgotten how to communicate?

I very much feel as though COVID-19, among other negative outcomes, has caused a lot of us to become lazy in the context of communication. The reason I say this occurrence is a byproduct of the coronavirus is because I’ve certainly noticed more issues pertaining to communication and a lack of it since this pandemic began, although it is possible the two aren’t related I suppose.

It is probable that COVID-19 and issues with communication are affiliated, though, because this pandemic has isolated us from socializing in so many different ways, and for an extended period of time. It makes sense, therefore, that our communication skills and abilities are a tad rusty, but it doesn’t rectify the issue at hand.

Communication is an essential skill in life, yet there seems to be a hell of a lot of us who aren’t so savvy with expressing ourselves and our needs and wants to others. I’m finding more and more people assume we can simply see into their thick heads and read their thoughts, and while this would be pretty neat, it simply is not realistic nor feasible.

I do think our inundation with technology and social media has become a hindrance when it comes to communicating, specifically verbally, because we have no need to enhance our communication skills via a keyboard. Without uttering a single word, we have an infinite wealth of knowledge at our fingertips courtesy of the internet, and as wonderful as this innovation is, it’s evident that it is harming our social skills.

Considering communication is how we express our basic human needs and requirements, it makes sense that it should be something we are all quite proficient in. Use your words, my friends; simply outright saying what it is you want or need can save yourself and other people a lot of frustration and misconception.

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