Finding opportunity in fear

Fear is arguably something most of us don’t necessarily enjoy experiencing. Typically, we associate fear with negativity, because the feeling of fear isn’t exactly to be desired in a general sense. We stigmatize fear because it does, so often, present itself in dire, unsettling circumstances, so it makes sense that fear isn’t something we would affiliate with opportunity.

I’m here to sway your opinions on the matter, though.

Fear and change are byproducts of each other. We recognize change as a disruption in comfort, which is something a lot of us are afraid of. Fear itself can, potentially, be alleviated by making changes.

Something else that often accompanies fear and change, however, is opportunity, and I think a lot of us refrain from acknowledging what fear and change, together, can create.

Say, for example, you’ve been working at the same job for a few years. You’re familiar with the job and its duties and responsibilities; your schedule is likely one that you have been able to construct your life around and adapt to; you’re comfortable in your working environment. Say, after working so long at the same job, you’re offered an entirely new one in a field completely out of your realm of knowledge, but with a chance to learn. You may be hesitant to consider taking on a new job because you’re scared of change and walking away from something you know so well, which is a very normal reaction. But, you may not immediately see the opportunity presenting itself in a situation that is seemingly brimming with change and fear because of your fear to make a change.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

Change can be scary. Fear can be unpleasant. But both of these things often work together to produce an opportunity that may be difficult to come across again.

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