Recognizing the superpowers of new moms

Some good friends of mine recently welcomed a beautiful boy to the world. This is their first child, and these two people happen to be the first friends of mine to have a child, so it’s been a rather exciting process overall.

Their son is just over one month old, and I was able to go and visit with them and their boy a few days ago. It was incredible to be able to hold the child of my good friends in my arms, knowing they created this small being.

When I was visiting, I couldn’t help but be taken aback by how natural motherhood and its various roles came to my friend. Watching her interact with and care for her son with unprovoked instinct reminded me to contemplate just how damn incredible new parents are, but especially moms.

Like I said, this is my friends first child, though you wouldn’t think so if you were to observe her caring for her newborn son. This woman has embraced motherhood and then some, and my visit with her prompted me to acknowledge just how phenomenal women are when it comes to adapting to and embracing motherhood.

New moms are, in a way, a different breed. They carry their child within them for nine months (which is a feat in itself), endure the experience of birth, then immediately take on the responsibilities and sacrifices that come with having children. The constantly subject themselves to change only to adapt to such change with relentless grace, all the while placing the needs and wants of their child above their own, always. From the moment a woman learns she is to be a mom, she alters her body and life to benefit and nurture her child, and if this isn’t an indication of the superpowers moms possess, I’m not entirely sure what is.

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