Here’s why we need to stop changing ourselves to appease others

I’m willing to bet that just about all of us know someone in our lives who is a complete and total unjustified asshole and lives their life abiding by the “I’ve been this way for this long so I’m not gonna change now” mantra. Often times, this narrative applies to older folks, but not necessarily all the time.

Chances are, when you interact with this person and experience the wrath of their shitty character traits and then proceed to tell someone about your conversation, they will respond with some sort of bullshit blanket excuse like “well, you know how they are, so you just have to ignore it and not let it bother you.”

Yeah, no.

I’ve come to a point in my life in which I have absolutely zero tolerance for people who refuse to change their nasty behaviour and attitude. I also refuse to adapt or conform to be someone I’m not in order to tolerate them.

The idea that someone has been a certain way for so long and therefore doesn’t need to change how they treat others is absolute bullshit. Forcing people to accept nastiness, among other poor traits of character, simply to be able to converse with them or even be in the same place as them is not acceptable, and it is infuriating how many people are apparently fine with being used as a punching bag by someone because that someone has been a certain way for an extended period of time.

I am not someone who is going to stand by, or sweep shit under the rug, or be treated poorly by a person who refuses to acknowledge how their behaviour is affecting everyone around them but themselves. Nor am I someone who is going to bite my tongue or let unjustified behaviour roll off my back as opposed to identifying the issue with someone else at hand.

No one should. Ever.

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