Have you seen ‘Britney Vs. Spears’?

Britney Spears, in my mind, will go down as the one and only queen of pop. This woman exploded onto the scene at the mere age of 16 and had the entire world watching, thanks to her incredible dance, music and performance abilities. She made herself known with influence and grace and quickly dominated the pop music scene for several years as a female artist and performer.

As most of us are aware, Britney seemingly took a turn for the worst when the whole head-shaving incident occurred, and details pertaining to her personal and professional life have been rather scarce ever since.

That is, until, tidbits of shocking truths began to become present in the context of her conservatorship, instilled by her father, Jamie, and some media coverage detailing the harrowing situation Britney had been in for far too long became available.

I recently watched the ‘Britney Vs. Spears’ documentary via Netflix because I’ve been rather intrigued by Britney’s conservatorship situation. I knew a little bit about her predicament prior to watching the film courtesy of what I have read across social media platforms, but because my knowledge was limited, I wanted to know the whole story.

Allow me to say that this documentary is a must-see for absolutely everyone, regardless if you’re a fan of Britney or not. Britney’s conservatorship situation is, quite literally, a violation of her basic rights as a human being, and I was entirely unaware of how severe the predicament is. Watching this documentary opened my eyes to the disturbing truth behind her conservatorship along with a multitude of questionable decisions and diagnoses made for Britney up until this point.

The documentary isn’t necessarily the best one I’ve seen in terms of execution, but I highly recommend it for the simple reason of spreading awareness regarding Britney and the terrible situations she has been subjected to.

Image from https://www.aljazeera.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/2021-08-12T215027Z_745135164_RC2X3P92E1UA_RTRMADP_3_PEOPLE-BRITNEY-SPEARS.jpg?resize=770%2C513

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