Check out these cuticle removing solutions to make at home

My cuticles and I have a bit of a history. Considering I was such an aggressive nail-biter when I was younger and quite frequently used my teeth to rip the entirety of the cuticle off of each and every nail, it makes sense that they now are thicker than a snicker, and the bastards grow in quick.

I purchased a cuticle remover by Sally Hanson a few years ago. I love the stuff, and because you don’t need to use a lot of it, I’m still not finished this same bottle. This stuff is rather potent in terms of the chemicals it contains, though, and after reading the fine print and discovering this shit has the ability to cause someone to go blind if it were to ever get inside an eyeball, I’m thinking it may be best to use a gentler, more natural version.

*Insert silent shriek*

You can simply soak your nails in water to soften your cuticles prior to removing them, but because mine are big bitches, I have to use something with heavier reinforcements. So, I did a little bit of research and came across the following recipes for homemade cuticle solutions, which come from

  1. Mix oil, soap and water
  2. Mix lemon and oil
  3. Mix baking soda and honey
  4. Use an exfoliant as a substitute
  5. Use straight apple cider vinegar

I’m sure there are plenty of other recipes available via the internet that pertain to homemade cuticle soaks, but I thought I would share these ones with you because they’re straightforward and do not require a lot of ingredients. I like to soak my nails in a given solution for five to ten minutes until my cuticles are soft, then push them back with a proper tool, and remove any excess with cuticle cutters.

You’re welcome.

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