Here’s why you should spend more time with your siblings

I should arguably preface this post by stating that I completely and entirely recognize that not everyone has siblings, and further, there are some of us who have tarnished relationships with our siblings. I do not mean to generalize, but rather, I wish to orchestrate this post in a manner that is relevant to those of us who are able to spend time with siblings.

Glad that’s out of the way.

As of late, I’ve been spending more time with my older sister, Danielle. She is 28, soon to be 29, and I’m 26, so there isn’t a huge spread between us, which I think is beneficial to our relationship.

I’m not trying to imply she and I don’t normally spend time together, because we do. We both still live at home with our parents, so it’s safe to say I see her a fair bit. I’m making reference to her and I spending more quality time together and going out to engage in social activities.

Spending more time with my sister has enabled me to see to a more enhanced extent how fucking great she is. She’s essentially a built-in best friend, and the fact she doubles as my sister is just an added bonus. She and I have always been close, but I actually feel as though we have gotten closer as we have gotten older.

The beauty of hanging out with siblings is that, often times, we don’t have to be overly conscious of our behaviour or appearance. Perhaps not to the same extent we would if we were in the company of someone else. Siblings are some of the few people who see us at our absolute worst, and hopefully there isn’t any judgment apparent in the relationship. It’s natural, it’s wonderful, and it’s something more of us should do more frequently, if we are able to.

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