The significance of identifying what truly matters at Christmas

This years Christmas was a unique one.

Come to think of it, so was last years. And the year before that.

It’s safe to say that COVID has made its presence known in the context of Christmas and celebratory gatherings in general, and I would wager most of us have experienced disruptions in plans as a result. More specifically, Christmas plans.

This year, our family celebrated Christmas Day with my moms side of the family, which was truly special because we haven’t been able to spend Christmas Day with them in many years. Prior to having dinner with them, my immediate family and I opened gifts in the morning and then had a nice brunch together.

I couldn’t help but think, while my mom, dad, sister and I opened presents, that being able to spend Christmas morning with them trumps any present I could ever receive in terms of importance and significance. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had this moment of realization before on Christmas morning, but I did this year, and it really hit home.

So much of the emphasis pertaining to Christmas nowadays is placed on presents and dinners as opposed to what truly matters, which is being able to spend such a momentous holiday with those who are most important to us; friends, family and loved ones. No gift, regardless of the value, can take precedence over this, and I am eternally grateful I was able to acknowledge this realization this year.

Without sounding cliche, life truly is short. It’s shorter than any of us arguably realize. But there comes a time in which we are able to identify what really is most important in the grand scheme of things, and health and happiness are worth mentioning, especially as of late with a global pandemic and all.

Was my Christmas a little low key compared to what it normally is? Yes. But, I would not trade it for the world, and I imagine a lot of folks can agree with me on this one.

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