Understanding that a difference in opinions doesn’t equate to disrespect

I think it is more than safe to say that the pandemic we have found ourselves navigating for far too long now has revealed some differences in opinion between people. Most of us can agree that this pandemic and COVID-19 itself has upturned our world as we know it, but not all of us can agree on how to go about grappling with the situation at hand.

Something that has become rather prevalent to me since COVID hit is that a lot of us are unable to comprehend how a difference in opinions does not grant grounds to be disrespectful. There are all kinds of opinions and beliefs that can be attributed to the pandemic we are living in, and I think it is relatively obvious to state that we are not going to agree with every belief or opinion we hear. That would be unfeasible. But, just because we do not agree with a certain stance does not mean the appropriate reaction is to be disrespectful, although it seems as though a lot of us do not understand this concept.

No two people are the same, so it makes sense that we do not all agree with one another in the context of personal beliefs and opinions. We are entitled to support opinions and beliefs that may not reflect a common mentality specific to a certain situation. So why has this pandemic somehow given folks the impression that a disagreement in opinions means we can be unnecessarily nasty, crude and disrespectful?

A difference in opinions does not equate to being disrespectful. If you are unable to respect someone’s choice because it goes entirely against your own, there is a good chance you might need to refresh your basic life and communication skills and retrain yourself on how to get along with others.

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