Read this if your pet is missing

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, our dog, Blue, went missing on Monday morning. He has not yet returned home, and we are hopeful he soon will.

The emotions that present themselves when a pet goes missing are intricate, complex, and tiring. You feel at a loss, angry, scared, frustrated, hopeless and helpless, and if I had to pick one emotion that is worse than the rest, it would be helplessness. My family and I have done everything we can possibly think of to heighten the chances of Blue returning home, and because I’ve learned a lot through this experience, I would like to share what we have learned with all of you if a pet goes missing.

First and foremost, if your pet goes missing, post its information, with a photo, on social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are probably the most effective platforms for spreading and generating awareness, but any platform would be suitable. Share your pet’s information to your personal page and ask friends and family to share it as well, and seek out as many relatively local missing pets pages you can find on these platforms and post about your animal there. The more people who see that your animal is missing, the better. While it is tempting to include in your post that you’re offering a cash reward for anyone possessing information pertaining to your animal, refrain from doing so as you will likely get a lot of false reports.

Call around to your local veterinary clinics, shelters, and animal control facilities to not only file a missing pet report, but further, to see if there have been any reported sightings or captures.

Search for your animal either by foot or vehicle and bring a piece of clothing that has the scent of yourself or another owner of the animal on it. If your pet catches a whiff of this, they may try and find you. Further, leave some clothes and the animal’s bed outdoors in hopes of them catching the scent.

Post flyers around your local communities of the missing animal. This raises awareness and encourages people to keep an eye out and also makes it difficult for someone to keep the animal if they have abducted them.

Stay hopeful and optimistic.

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