Finding unity in community

A few days ago now, one of our dogs went missing. Blue is a male Australian cattle dog (although he more so resembles a dalmatian due to his markings) and is about a year-and-a-half old.

We have three dogs, and they sleep in cages in our garage at night. In the morning, when we let them out to do their business, the two females typically are a little slower leaving their cages; Blue, on the other hand, very much resembles a bat out of hell and launches out of his cage like a missile to go and do his business.

Perhaps he has a small bladder.

On the day Blue went missing, he did his typical morning routine, although he never came back after going out to use the facilities. After an hour we realized that he still hadn’t returned, and we began looking for him immediately.

My sister and I posted our sweet boy on every lost animal page in our county you can think of, and we also notified the Brant County SPCA, local kennels, and the police. He has never wandered from our farm, and we fear someone may have spotted him and taken him.

This entire ordeal has been as miserable and as stressful as you can imagine, although seeing the sense of community that has presented itself in an attempt to locate Blue has been so overwhelming in the best ways possible. My family and I are quite taken aback by how much our neighbours and members of our local community have offered to assist or support us in any means possible, and we are infinitely grateful.

I pray that our sweet Blueson is returned to us, and in the meantime, I take solace in knowing how many truly wonderful people exist in this shitty world.

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