Navigating the use of quotation marks, continued

Anyone who is relatively familiar with the English language could have probably guessed that a single post wouldn’t suffice to delve into the convoluted aspect of understanding how to properly use quotations in this particular language.

I probably could have jammed all of the learnings affiliated with proper quotation use in English into one blog post, but it would have been a long and rather dry one. I thought I would save your brains and try to break it up a wee bit.

In yesterday’s post I didn’t touch on the idea of using list format when it comes to quotations in English, so buckle up, my friends; shit is about to get exciting.

Please note I am genuinely trying my hardest to make this topic not so painfully mundane.

So, what the hell is list format for quotes? Allow me to explain.

List format, for quotes, can be used when you are listing multiple quotes, in succession, from the same source, with no dialogue in-between your quotes. When you’re using list format for quotes, you have to have a double quotation mark at the start of each new quote block in your listed format, but not at the end of every quote block in your list format. Rather, you only put a double quotation mark at the end of the final quote in your list format to signify that you are concluding the quotes in your list format.

Clear as mud, I know.

For example, say you are writing an essay and you’re using five quotes from the same source. They would appear in the essay as follows:

The following quotations come from ______ (here is where you would provide your source).

“Quote one.

“Quote two.

“Quote three.

“Quote four.

“Quote five,” the (your source) states.

Only the final quote block in your list format requires double quotation marks at its beginning and end.

There you are, my friends.

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