Let’s talk about cats

Cats get so much hate and I simply do not understand why. I think the dislike for cats stems from their unpredictable mood swings and random bouts of violence, but that’s what makes them so incredibly unique and absolutely hilarious.

Cats are like dogs in the sense they have very different personalities from one another, which is something I can appreciate. Personally, I identify with a paradox cat. By a paradox cat, I’m referring to one who overeats and may be a bit on the chubby side but can still hustle when necessary. They tend to be the feistiest, and I love it.

My family and I own a total of five cats; three inside and two outside. Our one cat, Lionel, has endured some transitions in terms of his living quarters; he started out as an indoor cat, then he willingly moved outside, and now he’s decided he once again wants to be indoors.

He’s a boujee bitch and I love him dearly.

Out of all of our cats, whom I love and cherish equally, I would have to say I have the strongest bond with Salamone, or Sully, for short. My sister and I rescued Sully when we found him abandoned and malnourished, cowering underneath the scrap steel pile on our farm about two years ago, and while we weren’t entirely sure he was going to make it, he pulled through and is by far one of the quirkiest cats we have ever had.

The relationship I have with Sully is so special to me, and the little guy is my world. He took to me more profoundly than my other family members for whatever reason, and I am so grateful he did. He’s my bubba and he brings me happiness each and every day.

Cats are the shit, and anyone who says differently is wrong. Period.

Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/617278/pexels-photo-617278.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&w=1260&h=750&dpr=1

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