Do you struggle with spelling? Read this

Spelling is something considered to be a tremendous hurdle for a lot of us to conquer. And, really, I can see why. As someone who studied English in university, I am fully aware of how fucking ridiculous spelling can be within the English language, and, simply put, the spelling of specific words really doesn’t make any damn sense.

This certainly doesn’t aid anyone who isn’t overly confident in their spelling.

One of my tutoring clients has voiced to me that spelling is something they would like to improve upon, and they asked me if I can recommend any tips or tricks when it comes to figuring out how to spell words. Am I able to correctly spell every single word in the English language? Fuck no. But, I’m fortunate that spelling is something that comes relatively naturally to me, so I thought I would share my recommendations for spelling for my client with all of you in hopes of helping anyone out.

First and foremost, sounding out words is easily one of the most effective ways to determine their proper spelling. This strategy doesn’t apply to every word, because certain words have specific sounds that are not spelled how they sound phonetically. But, sounding out words is arguably one of the most effective ways to figure out the composition of a word, and as stupid as you may feel while doing it, it’s worth trying.

Breaking a word down into its syllables is another great way to identify its correct spelling. When you separate a word according to its syllables, it is simpler to figure out the spelling of groups of syllables as opposed to a word in its entirety.

Practice, practice, practice. This one speaks for itself.

If it’s a longer word you’re trying to spell, see if there are smaller words within it that you do know how to spell, and work your way forwards from there.

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