The importance of questioning

I would consider myself to be someone who questions a lot of things in life. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve always been so inquisitive about probing into matters I’m not fully versed in; my instinct to ask questions and challenge things developed later in life, and I like to think this is because I gained some knowledge to a greater extent than the knowledge I possessed when I was a child.

My mom and I were engaging in deep conversation a few days ago about the Catholic religion. My family is Catholic, and my mom and I attend mass weekly. During the priest’s homily this past weekend, he said something I absolutely did not agree with. Naturally, I waited to bring this to my mom’s attention once mass was concluded, although I was tempted to yell out and correct the priest on the matter he was speaking on in front of the entire congregation.

I contained myself, however, as I doubt the priest would appreciate my insight.

Once I told my mom why what the priest said bothered me (he was incorrect on the matter he was preaching), she actually turned to me and told me she doesn’t know anyone like me in the sense of challenging common knowledge and questioning it. She asked me how I was so educated on the topic in question, and I explained to her that when I am passionate about something, I like to explore it in an educational sense to clarify my own understanding of the matter as well as to clear up any misconceptions relating to the topic. She was entirely unaware of what I told her, and she, too, now has a different mindset towards the topic the priest was discussing.

Questioning and challenging what we consider to be common knowledge is so, so important for ourselves, and for future generations. When we go along with an idea like a herd of blind sheep and refrain from inquiring or asking questions, we risk becoming misinformed and ignorant to the truth.

Question everything.

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