Why are we pitting women against women?

I’ve been following a woman named Tammy Hembrow for a few years now on social media, specifically Instagram. She is an influencer and a businesswoman who gained fame back in 2014 when she documented herself exercising throughout her pregnancy. I’m not sure if she is a certified personal trainer, but she has created her own fitness app, and the woman is fucking jacked.

I find her to be quite inspiring.

She has a son and a daughter and she recently gave birth to another daughter. She has been posting to her Instagram page with updates pertaining to herself and her daughter, and a recent post has caused some controversy.

She posted an image of herself, holding her daughter, 12 days after giving birth. You wouldn’t even know she was pregnant based on how her body looks, and she credits her ability to ‘bounce back’ so quickly to her fitness regime and further keeping active throughout her pregnancy.

I read an article about how a female comedian has publicly called out Tammy for promoting unhealthy and unrealistic post-partum images of herself, and while I can understand both sides of the argument at hand, I’m really not sure why Tammy is being attacked for portraying her physique after giving birth. Is Tammy’s situation a relatable one? Fuck no. She literally works out for a living, so I think it makes sense that she has been able to get back into shape so quickly after having her baby. Does her ability to look as phenomenal as she does 12 days after giving birth mean she is sending a dangerous, toxic message to other new mothers? I really don’t think so, seeing as Tammy is not the norm in the general sense of motherhood and new moms.

I read through the comments on Tammy’s post, and the majority of the nasty ones were from women. Why are we pitting women against women when we can simply celebrate each other and refrain from comparing ourselves and turning it into a malicious competition?

Just a thought.

Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/8203158/pexels-photo-8203158.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&w=1260&h=750&dpr=1

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