Dealing with picky eaters

Picky eaters aren’t exactly the best people to deal with when it comes to cooking for them. Attempting to determine a meal that a picky eater will actually eat is a feat enough in itself, let alone consistently coming up with dishes and creations to provide them with.

Blaine, my husband, is a picky eater. He has been the entire time I’ve known him, and while he is (very) slowly starting to show less reluctance when it comes to trying new things, we still have some serious progress to make.

My sister-in-law has informed me that her husband, Blaine’s brother, was also a picky eater when she first met him. They’ve now been married for ten years and she tells me there is hope as he now eats just about everything, but seeing as my patience is already wearing thin and we’ve been married for a whopping month, there may be a domestic incident sooner than later.

I’m joking – mostly.

Blaine could, without any exaggeration, arguably live off of pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, pogos, steak and potatoes. He does eat a lot more than these essential and incredibly nutrient-dense items, but these are arguably his go-to’s. Now that I’m cooking for him, he has both willingly and unwillingly agreed to sample some new things, most of which he has liked, with brie cheese being a fine example of one such new food.

My husband is not a huge fan of vegetables, and while I wouldn’t necessarily say I am, either, I do eat more of them than he does. I’ve been trying to sneak veggies into whatever I make, and so far, the plan has been successful, apart from one incident involving mushrooms. They’re a little trickier to hide.

I believe Blaine informed me he would not be consuming fungi when I last made them.

Dealing with picky eaters is challenging, but not impossible. Besides, if you’re doing the cooking for someone with a very selective palate, you always have the option of informing said picky eater that if they don’t eat what’s on the table, they ain’t eating. End of story.

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