The significance of listening to our bodies

The human body, in a general sense, is pretty fucking impressive. Not only are the intricacies and interconnectedness of our organs, circulatory system, nervous system and more genuinely incredible, but our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, for the most part, which is rather miraculous when you think about it. Often times in superhero films and television series, the ability to heal oneself is considered to be a superpower; while I realize in Hollywood folks are able to heal themselves in a matter of minutes as opposed to days, weeks or months, which is our reality, this ability is still absolutely mind-boggling.

Another fascinating capability our bodies possess is the ability to communicate with their owners when something isn’t quite right. This can occur in subliminal or obvious ways, but regardless of how our bodies show us something is off, they are usually able to communicate this with us. The problem, however, is that I believe not enough of us pay attention to these signs, or worse, ignore them altogether.

We’ve all known someone or have heard stories about someone who, unfortunately, did not listen to what their body was attempting to convey to them and ultimately paid the price. Arguably, we have all done this from time to time, but some scenarios can be far more serious and consequential than others.

If we stub our toe damn hard and believe it’s broken but carry on with our lives, chances are that broken toe isn’t going to become a daily nuisance in regards to our health, unless you absolutely mangle it or something. We feel the pain, sure, but most of us choose to ignore it and pop some pills to take the edge off. When an injury is far more serious, however, and we try to put it on the back burner, we could end up with far more serious issues than the initial one had we dealt with it when it first presented itself.

Our bodies are wildly intelligent things, so when they try to deliver us a message, its likely best to accept and listen.

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