Beware of Andrew Tate

If you haven’t heard of Andrew Tate, consider yourself fortunate, in a sense. Simply put, he’s a misogynistic piece of shit who dedicates his social media platforms and influence to perpetuating messages that condone violence against and the hatred of women.

As terrifying as his content is, what is even more terrifying is just how many young men and women follow Andrew Tate on social media and therefore are absorbing the sick ideas he is projecting.

I first heard about this guy a few weeks ago, ironically, via social media. I follow an account via Instagram called Shit You Should Care About (SYSCA), and if you have Instagram, I highly recommend following SYSCA. They post incredibly informative and educational content that allows me to familiarize myself with news I arguably wouldn’t have heard about elsewhere, and while the account is based in New Zealand, they cover international topics.

SYSCA posted about Andrew Tate and the disgusting material he posts, so I decided to do a little investigating myself. I couldn’t stomach being on his page for more than two minutes and immediately reported his account, and while I and thousands of others have reported this guy in an attempt to get him and his ideas removed from social media, his accounts continue to prevail.

If I had to guess, Instagram and other social media platforms are well aware of the shit this guy is posting, but they probably don’t want to disable his accounts because he is a source of income for the platforms. Andrew Tate has a sickening number of followers.

If you haven’t heard of this poor excuse of a man, I encourage you to look him up and view his horrendous content for yourself. Educate yourself and others about the vile message this fuck is sending, and let’s hope his hatred of women is stopped before it progresses any further.

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