COVID update

As I sit here writing today’s post, I am pleased to report that I have officially hit day five of the COVID chronicles.

The fifth day can potentially be the last day that one with COVID shows symptoms, so here is hoping.

I’m feeling better than I was a few days ago. The muscle aches and fever have diminished in terms of their severity, and while the fatigue is still prevailing, I’m not feeling nearly as zombie-like as I was when I first started experiencing symptoms.

Oddly enough, my throat hasn’t really bothered me until quite recently. I’m now coughing a bit, but both my dad and my sister also have COVID, and for them, the respiratory symptoms have been the worse for them.

I’ve been trying to keep as busy as possible around the house to fend off feelings of hopelessness to avoid spiralling into a deep abyss of depression and guilt. Cleaning is something I am able to do, as it doesn’t require me to leave the house to do it, so I’m grateful I can at least do that.

I mean, there’s only so much cleaning I can do, but I hope you get my point here.

Blaine has been helping out as much as he can, which I seriously appreciate, and thankfully, he continues to test negative. He’s convinced himself he is the terminator for avoiding getting COVID for as long as he has, and as annoying as this is, I do hope he is correct.

I sincerely hope I am able to test negative sooner than later and get back to doing some outdoor work. I’m getting a little stir-crazy, which I think is understandable, and I think a solid dose of fresh air would do me some good. Until then, I’ll continue finding odd jobs to do to keep myself occupied.

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