Here is your sign to call, not text, your friends

One of my closest friends has had a whirlwind of a summer, to say the least. Between switching jobs not once, not twice, but three times, and also packing up and moving to Toronto with very little notice, it is safe to say she is feeling a little overwhelmed, and understandably so. She encountered a lot of rather drastic changes in a short period of time and didn’t really get the opportunity to stop and breathe for a moment.

The last time I saw this particular friend was at my wedding, so it’s been a minute since I have seen her beautiful face or even chatted with her. I had sent her a handful of different texts over the course of the summer but wasn’t really hearing back from her – at least, not the response this friend would normally give.

Naturally, this encouraged my anxiety to go into overdrive and contemplate all sorts of possible terrible reasons as to why I wasn’t hearing from her. Eventually, I convinced myself that I had somehow done something to upset her, and while she did reassure me that the situation had nothing to do with me, I was still worrying.

We ultimately agreed to have a chat via phone instead of texting a few days ago, and we chatted for over an hour, catching up and filling each other in on new and exciting things in life. While talking on the phone, we agreed from now on that phone calls will be the primary source of communication between us because she doesn’t love texting back and forth, and, really, neither do I. She further told me all about all of the craziness that has had her occupied these past few months and explained that’s why she hasn’t been checking her texts too adamantly.

In chatting on the phone, not only did we clear up the supposed issue I had orchestrated in my own head, but we also had a far more genuine and pleasant conversation than we would have had we chatted through text. Call your friend, folks. Don’t just text them.

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