On the hunt for a reusable water bottle? Look no further

Anyone who knows me personally knows I rarely leave the house without my obnoxiously large water bottle. I get chirped quite frequently by my family and friends for going out in public with a literal water jug, but I have no shame and couldn’t care less if people think I have gills or some shit because of how much water I consume.

To provide you with a bit of context, I dabbled in a nine-month detoxification treatment program for my Lyme disease, and said treatment was not effective unless the consumer was guzzling back four litres of water a day. I set out on a hunt to find a water bottle that held this much liquid, and was pleasantly surprised to stumble across one via Amazon that held a galleon.

When I initially learned how much water I had to suck back while on this program, I was somewhat worried I wouldn’t be able to do it. However, once I purchased the water bottle, I realized I was actually drinking about four litres of water in a given day anyway, and now I drink between six and eight litres a day.

I am certainly not recommending to anyone to consume as much water as I do, because it’s kind of fucked how much water I drink. I think my ancestors were of the sea.

The water bottle I ordered from Amazon is the QuiFit Motivational Gallon Water Bottle – with Straw & Time Marker BPA Free Large Reusable Sport Water Jug with Handle for Fitness Outdoor Enthusiasts Leak-Proof.

That’s literally its name on Amazon. I realize it’s a wee bit lengthy.

I really didn’t give a shit about the motivational quotes on the damn thing, and I actually couldn’t find one as big without the inspirational messages. Like, this thing is a water bottle, not a self-help book. But, alas, my sadistic self bit the bullet and purchased it anyways. I paid about $25 for it and I absolutely love it.

There are a lot of colour choices available to pick from, and it comes with a handle to make carrying the brick a bit easier. I actually weighed it once when it was full of water, and it came out to be about 14 pounds, so consider it a multi-purpose water bottle in the sense it doubles as a weapon. You get this thing swinging like a track and field hammer throw event and you’re invincible, bitches.

If you’re looking for a huge water bottle, consider this one.

Image from https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71EtC90rRzS.AC_SL1500.jpg

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