Here’s how to combat a cold before it festers

Alas, the time of year has come in which quite a few of us find ourselves feeling a wee bit under the weather thanks to the common cold, flu and other delightful viruses. As of late, sickness amongst young children here in Canada has been overwhelming, and it breaks my heart to know of babies and young children dealing with nasty bugs, and it further prompts me to be thankful for our healthcare workers caring for them.

Allow me to stipulate that by no means am I trying to communicate the idea that I am a doctor or a healthcare professional, because I most certainly am not. There are, however, some tricks and techniques I personally rely upon when I feel a cold coming on, and I thought I would share my strategies with all of you.

Prior to trying any of my own methods, be sure to check with your physician before delving into unfamiliar territory.

I suppose this one is more of a preventative strategy, but it is still very much applicable to the topic of illness. I take an immunity pill, and before anyone berates me and tells me most immune supplements are horse shit and a waste of money, allow me to inform you I am very much aware of this and am taking a version that is not, in fact, a bottle of pure lies. I never took immunity supplements until I was diagnosed with Lyme disease as it weakens your immune system, but I have ever since, and I believe this helps my body fight off crap before it decides to hang out for a while.

Whenever I feel a sickness of any sort coming on, I take oregano oil. The stuff tastes fucking terrible, but holy hell does it work. I’ll put a dropper-full into a glass of water three to four times a day until I’m feeling better, and my entire family swears by this stuff. It is a blood thinner, though, so be cautious if you decide to try it.

I also use a combination of supplements on a daily basis and use elderberry syrup.

What are your go-to’s when you feel a cold coming on?

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