Have you seen this movie classic?

Anyone who knows me personally will arguably read this post’s title and chuckle to themselves because it is a rather hypocritical statement for me to make. I haven’t seen the vast majority of what we often classify as movie classics, and no, I’m not going to admit to you which ones I have failed to watch.

I will say that I have seen a handful of the greats, but nearly as many as most normal folks have. We’re talking like a 30-1 ratio.

I am happy to announce, however, that Blaine convinced me to watch a film that I am inclined to believe is a movie classic – ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ starring John Candy and Steve Martin.

I doubt I need to explain the plot because I would bet most of you have seen this movie, but in case anyone hasn’t, allow me to give you a brief synopsis.

Steve Martin plays a character named Neal Page, a somewhat uptight and irritated man who is on a mission to make it back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. As he embarks upon his journey back home from a work trip, he quite literally experiences just about anything that could go wrong, meeting Del Griffith, played by John Candy, along the way.

The film is absolutely ridiculous, and I fucking love it. The plot is truly batshit in regard to what Neal and Del come across on their voyage, and Steve Martin and John Candy have fantastic chemistry between their extremely opposite characters.

I’ll admit I was surprised at how genuinely funny I found this film to be considering it was released back in ’87. I’m not sure why, but I figured it wouldn’t be anything overly great. I’m happy my ignorance was entirely wrong, though, and if you haven’t yet seen this masterpiece, please do yourself a favour and do so.

Image from https://i.ytimg.com/vi/58z8pM80hrc/maxresdefault.jpg

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