Are these two products the key to clear skin?

Anyone who has been following my blog to any extent is arguably aware of the fact that I am an adult woman and still deal with acne. I’ll be 28 this May, and I’ve said it before and I shall again – my skin seems to be shittier in terms of acne now that I’m in my 20s as opposed to when I was in my teenage years, and if that isn’t a quick way to humble someone, I’m not sure what is.

I’ve tried my share of products, treatments and supplements, and while my skin goes through periods, meaning sometimes it’s a bit clearer, and other times my appearance could rival that of a pepperoni pizza, I couldn’t tell you the last time it stayed clear for an extended period of time.

I saw a video via Instagram a while ago that prompted me to do a little bit of internet sleuthing on the matter. In the video, a woman claims that using a Dial gold soap bar, in combination with vitamin E oil, is the way to clear your skin from acne, and when I checked the comments section, a lot of folks were chiming in agreement. From what I can gather, a lot of people have had tremendous success in using this combination of products, so, naturally, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and try them out for myself.

I haven’t actually started using either product yet as I just got my hands on them today, but I will absolutely keep you all posted with how these products perform for me and my skin when I do start using them. I’m really hoping they work, but my hopes were quashed a long time ago with all of the failed products I’ve invested my trust in – fingers crossed this new discovery proves to be worth using.

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