No, you really shouldn’t wash your hair every day

When I was younger, I firmly believed that washing my hair daily was irrefutably necessary. I’m not exactly sure if I was specifically told this by someone with influence, or if I somehow managed to convince myself of this without any direct interference, but either way, I used to wash my hair far more often than required.

I will stipulate that if you are someone who gets exceptionally dirty on a daily basis, for example, if your job requires this, then you’re probably going to want to wash your hair daily if it so demands it.

Now that I’m in my adult years, I try to refrain from washing my hair more than twice a week. Depending on what sort of work I’ve been doing on the farm, it might be three or four times, but I’m hoping you get my point here.

There are arguably more pros than cons when it comes to washing hair once or twice a week. You save time, money (since you’re not using as much product), and if you colour your hair, washing it daily can cause the colour to fade faster. Furthermore, when you wash your hair daily, you end up stripping it of its natural oils which can cause breakage and split ends, and you run the risk of thinning your hair in the process.

I don’t think there is a designated schedule or timeline to abide by when it comes to the regularity of hair washing seeing as we all have different hair and different scalps. Some of us have hair on the dryer side, and others have hair on the oily side. Do a bit of trial and error to determine how often you should wash your own hair, and don’t be shy to consult with your hairdresser. They can give you a great recommendation.

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