Need some energy? Try a ZOA

Earlier this week, my sister accompanied me on a much-needed Costco trip. I haven’t been to Costco for a hot minute, and I like to visit a few times a year to stock up on certain items, and also to peruse the shelves and see what is new and exciting.

When my sister and I visited the Ancaster Costco a few days ago, I spotted some interesting-looking energy drinks. Blaine has significantly cut back on his energy drink intake, but he does still enjoy one occasionally, as do I, so I figured I would check these ones out and see how God-awful they are in regard to their contents.

I was pleasantly surprised to read on the packaging of ZOA energy drinks that they’re free of sugar, and furthermore, they aren’t packed full of artificial sweeteners.

I grabbed a pack of them to try, and Blaine and I agree that they’re pretty good. Blaine tried the peach flavour, and I had the fruit punch, and neither of us had any complaints. I have yet to try the orange flavour.

I looked up ZOA only to discover Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the founder of these beverages, which is kind of neat I suppose, and I was delighted when browsing the ZOA website to learn that these energy drinks contain camu camu extract, B and C vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids and natural caffeine. Furthermore, they’re sugar-free, gluten-free, and keto friendly.

The flavour pack I picked up at Costco contains the three flavours I described above, but there are a shit load more flavours available via the ZOA website. I would absolutely buy these again, and they are reasonably priced, so that is always appreciated.

On the website, you can shop for regular energy drinks in addition to energy drinks containing pre-workout. I think it’s safe to say ZOA has all of your energy needs covered.


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