How well do you know your essential oils?

Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday’s in regard to subject matter – we are talking about essential oils, the best types to use, and what they’re commonly known for.

I am not an expert, but I would wager that each and every form of essential oil offers benefits as opposed to negatives. I mean, if you succumb to intrusive thoughts and decide to guzzle a bottle of lavender essential oil, you’re probably going to have some atomic shits at the least, but I think all essential oils are advantageous when used accordingly and responsibly.

Again, this information comes from

“Bergamot essential oil:

Best for: stress relief, pain, inflammation
 can be used as a massage oil or body lotion (when mixed with carrier oil)
 can be irritating to skin, can cause skin sensitivity to light

Bergamot essential oil comes from the rinds of Citrus bergamia fruits, a hybrid combination of oranges and lemons. Its enticing, distinctive scent enhances body lotions, massage oils, and colognes.

Chamomille essential oil:

Best for: anxiety relief
 can also help with digestive issues (gas, nausea, indigestion)
 may interact with some prescription medications; unclear if it’s safe for pregnant or breastfeeding people

The comforting scent of chamomile has coaxed many people into slumber over the centuries. Chamomile essential oil has multiple benefits for health, including anxiety reduction.

Eucalyptus essential oil:

Best for: nasal congestion, cough, reducing mildew odors
 can be used as an insect repellent, can help with relaxation
Cons: can cause allergic reactions for some

The refreshing and distinctive scent of eucalyptus essential oil can help eliminate mildew odors. Eucalyptus is also beneficial for calming coughs and relieving nasal congestion.

Orange essential oil:

  • Best for: lifting mood, lowering stress
  • Pros: can be used as a household cleaner when diluted
  • Cons: can cause an allergic reaction for some, can also cause a painful skin reaction when used topically in the sun

This one comes from the sweet orange rind; its proper name is Citrus sinensis.

Orange has its hand in helping out with things like pain relief and stomach issues. Like lemongrass, it’s also thought of as a natural household cleaner and room freshener. We have it on our list for its mood-boosting ability,” the web page states.

To avoid losing anyone’s interest or attention, I only selected a few types of essential oils to address and discuss in today’s post and yesterday’s, but be sure to check out the entire Healthline web page describing their benefits to learn more.

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