Is your dog a chewer? Read this

Blaine and I have been parents to our pup, Lenny, for a little less than two months now. She has certainly shown her true colours in the last while, to say the least, and while Blaine and I are thrilled she has become comfortable with us, we aren’t the biggest fans of her chewing tendencies that could rival that of a beaver.

To date, Lenny has successfully annihilated, with her teeth:

  • My dental mouthguard for teeth grinding which costs about $500 bucks to replace
  • A pair of insoles from Blaine’s work boots, and half of one boot
  • A pair of Michael Kors boots Blaine bought for me
  • Three pairs of slide sandals
  • Two of my bloodwork requisites
  • A bottle of Gatorade
  • A tube of sweat blocker for Blaine’s feet
  • A replacement mouthguard
  • Half of a replacement, replacement mouthguard
  • Countless newspapers
  • One book
  • Plenty of Amazon cardboard boxes
  • A vape pen
  • Half of my workout mat

I’m sure I’m missing a few, and I can’t forget our cat, Lionel – several chew attempts have been made upon him.

Needless to say, the chewing carnage has gotten out of control, and she destroyed any chew toys we got her within an hour. I did some looking on Amazon to see what sort of indestructible dog toys I could find, and I found a fucking winner, my friends.

I ordered the Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers from Amazon in the chicken flavour, but there are also bacon and peanut butter flavours available. This thing cost me $16 and will be, I sincerely hope, worth every penny.

So far, it’s shown tremendous potential.

This thing looks like a mini ball sack according to Blaine, but it’s essentially a bone and a chew toy all in one. It’s in the shape of a wishbone, hence Blaine’s sack imagery, and there are different sizes for different dogs. Lenny loves the things and is more than happy to chew away at it, and the thing lasts until it has literally been consumed.

If you have a dog that’s a chewer, this is the toy for them, and your own peace of mind.

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