The Long-Term Implications of Eating Disorders

I am relatively open in regards to sharing my experience with my former eating disorder. I refrain from keeping my past illness to myself in hopes of educating and aiding others who may be dealing with an eating disorder personally or who know someone else who is, and I strongly believe education is the most effective way to end the negative stigma affiliated with mental illness, specifically eating disorders.

When I was at my worst I was dealing with a combination of anorexia and bulimia, and once I began to recover I developed binge eating disorder. I am much better now, however the long-term impact that my eating disorder has left on my body is tremendous.

The food intolerances I currently deal with are a result of damage done to my stomach, and I recently learned that I have chronic inflammation within the lining of my stomach from purging while I was ill. This inflammation prevents my body from properly digesting the food I consume and forces it to exit my body in a rapid manner. This prevents my body from absorbing a majority of the nutrients from the foods and vitamins I intake and therefore causes a nutritional deficiency in various regards within my body.

I am working to improve and furthermore heal the damage done to my digestive system, but I am unsure of how long this process will take or if I will ever entirely heal my stomach. Eating disorders wreak absolute havoc on an individuals body and said havoc can be difficult to resolve. I believe there is a lack of information and also resources for persons dealing with long-term consequences from former eating disorders, and conversation needs to occur in order to improve the limited awareness addressing these problems.

If you or someone you know has any question or concerns regarding eating disorders, please do not hesitate to reach out. It is my goal to help others dealing with the same problems I experienced.

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