Back-To-School Tips

With September quickly approaching, I thought I would offer some of my own tips and tricks to ensure the transition into another school year is as efficient and smooth as possible. I am entering my first year of college this year, however I have already completed four years of university, and I therefore like to believe that I have a somewhat solid understanding of how to make the most of beginning another school year.

One thing that I find to be of significant importance to me personally is the atmosphere of the area in which you’re studying for school or completing homework and assignments. If you’re living at home, your room is arguably designed to compliment your own preferences and taste, however if you’re moving into a dorm room or are renting a house for the first time whilst away at school, be sure to decorate your own personal space in a manner that feels inviting and warm. I find it difficult to entirely focus on my academics when I fail to feel comfortable in a space, therefore ensure that your room is personalized to allow you to feel at home. This makes a huge difference in regards to productivity and time management when it comes to assignments.

Another thing to be mindful of is the cost of living essentials. I would recommend spending money on items that are absolutely necessary or are of significant importance to your mind and body, for example a good mattress, a laptop or a solid backpack. Try to avoid splurging on items that are not relevant to your academics, for example that plush cushion you think would really compliment your rug, and instead dedicate your savings to things that truly matter in the broad spectrum of post-secondary education. Consider purchasing cleaning products and cook-ware at the dollar store in order to save some extra cash that could be used, say, for nutritious food rather than kraft dinner and crackers.

Take care of your body and mind and be sure to have a designated space where you’re able to completely focus on your academics. Make a conscious effort to socialize as well in order to achieve a healthy balance between academics and leisure activities, and overall, enjoy yourself.


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