The Long-Term Impact of the 2017 Hurricanes

2017 has thus far been an incredibly tragic and detrimental year in terms of the amount of natural disasters that have occurred this summer. Between the numerous hurricanes that plagued regions such as Texas, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos and the Dominican and the two earthquakes that recently hit Mexico (in addition to the other areas that I did not specifically mention), the devastation from natural disasters across the globe that occurred this summer alone is alarming.

I was conversing with my mom about the damage existing in tourist regions such as Puerto Rico and the Dominican specifically and how said damage will significantly impact the amount of tourism that occurs in these areas annually. For smaller tropical islands, tourism is a tremendous component of the financial success of the islands, and the destruction caused and left by recent hurricanes will be a vast detriment to the tourism industry. Considering tourism is how a majority of these islands continue to support themselves, donations and assistance in the context of funding and rebuilding is absolutely crucial for the residents of the regions.

I expressed to my mom how I am concerned that the islands that have been impacted by more recent hurricanes may not receive as much funding as Houston did in the example of hurricane Harvey. I fear that individuals who originally donated to Harvey victims will not be able to continually donate to the persons impacted by hurricanes that occurred after, for example Irma and Maria, and ones that may still occur. Financial restrictions by those donating come into play when destructive situations and disasters such as these hurricanes occur, and I fear that any victims of future storms will received significantly less funding than victims of Harvey.

I continue to pray for the victims of these storms and for those who may be impacted in the future.

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