The Precedence of Insignificant News

I would be surprised to learn if you have not yet heard that Kyle Jenner is pregnant. Her pregnancy has been plastered across various social media platforms and other news domains, and it seems as though no matter where I look I encounter the news that she is expecting her first child.

The perpetuation of this insignificant story has encouraged me to contemplate why persons care so much about the future child of a reality television figure. Why is Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy so newsworthy? What is it about the story that grapples readers? For me personally, I find the amount of media coverage regarding Jenner to be a concerning indication of how individuals prioritize news in their life. Multiple Caribbean islands, Florida, Miami, Houston and Mexico are all locations that have recently encountered incredibly destructive natural disasters, yet the top story on my Twitter feed this morning was about Kyle Jenner and her unborn child?

Am I the only persons that finds something disturbing about this?

Now more than ever we are being inundated with warnings and possibilities of fake news, yet when important and pressing news matters develop, for example the damage left behind to residents of areas plagued by natural disasters, we cannot seem to tear ourselves away from a story addressing a young female celebrity and the fact that she and her boyfriend have conceived a child.

Why is this? Why do we as a society allow insignificant stories and news to take precedence over news that is affiliated with tragedy in a broad spectrum? Should we not acknowledge how disproportionate this current media coverage is and perhaps protest the way in which social media prioritizes worthless news? I would argue that society as a whole needs to send the message that irrelevant news stories need to stop taking top priority and a focus should be directed towards stories that truly matter.

2 thoughts on “The Precedence of Insignificant News

  1. I really agree with this article. The problem is though, that many prefer to read about celebrities and ignore what is really going on in the world. I think more than ever, there is such an obsession to keep up with anyone in the media.


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