My college Public Relations course has allowed me to acknowledge how important networking is in the realm of Public Relations. Networking is one of the most effective ways to reach out to and connect with potential future employers, and further to familiarize oneself with potential future co-workers.

Through my program’s emphasis upon networking, I have come to acknowledge the efficiency of LinkedIn. Prior to beginning college, I had a LinkedIn account, however, I was not a very active member. One of my professors demonstrated how to construct a professional profile, and I have been making frequent use of the program ever since.

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service, operating via its mobile app and website. It was founded in December of 2002 and launched in May of 2003, and is primarily used for professional networking by both employers and employees. It has numerous options for each user, some examples being the opportunity to upload your resume right to your profile, sharing informative articles and links, recommending other users or receiving recommendations, uploading work samples, and of course, reaching out and connecting with other users. You are notified when someone views your profile or initiates a professional connection, and you can set up your profile in a way to receive notifications when job opportunities related to your skills and interests become available.

LinkedIn really is a tremendous resource for any person looking for employment opportunities, and further for any employers looking for potential employees. I absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone, considering the job market nowadays in incredibly competitive, and a professional, well-organized LinkedIn profile could be what sets you apart from others when it comes down to a specific position. If you’re unsure as to how to go about constructing a professional profile, do some research; there are many resources available for individuals looking to create a strong profile.



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