Niagara College Convocation 2018

A dew days ago I had the privilege of returning to Niagara College (Welland campus) to attend convocation with my wonderful Public Relations colleagues. The day really was lovely, and it was especially fantastic to see my friends once again as we haven’t seen one another since classes ended in April.

The ceremony itself was certainly different than convocation at Brock University, which I also attended a year ago, but different in what I believe to be a positive way. I found the ceremony at Niagara College to be more relaxed and casual, if that makes sense, allowing for the day as a whole to be more enjoyable. Brock convocation was great, don’t get me wrong, but the difference in atmosphere between the two was noted by myself and my family. Tim Dennis was the guest speaker at Niagara, and his speech was one of the best I have heard. He was realistic, funny, blunt and believable, and I am certain his guidance and advice will resonate with me for years to come.

A lot of students choose not to attend convocation, a choice I respect whole heartedly. Work and other commitments get in the way, and for students who have already attended one graduation ceremony, the second simply isn’t a priority. I was initially reluctant to attend this second convocation, but I am glad I decided to be present. Post-secondary graduations only happen so often, so why not make the most of them while we still can?

I am extremely fortunate and blessed to have been able to attend both college and university, and further to have received constant support from my family, friends and boyfriend throughout my studies. Attending convocation yesterday intensified my feelings of gratitude, and I genuinely hope that anyone who wishes to pursue post-secondary education is able to do so with support from the people who matter most to them.

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