Should dogs go vegan?

There has been a 360 per cent rise in veganism in Britain over the past decade, meaning roughly 542,000 folks have adopted a vegan diet.

44% of homeowners own a pet in Britain, and there approximately 8.5 million dogs residing in the UK.

Take a wild guess where this is going; pet owners in Britain are now contemplating giving their dogs a vegan diet to match their own preferences.

An article from reports that because cats are carnivores, they must consume meat to survive. Dogs can survive on a plant-based diet without meat, however, as the article states, this doesn’t mean it’s good for them.

As you likely know, dogs come from wolves, and wolves like meat. Wolves eat a lot of plants, too, but they mix some meat in their diet from time to time.

Dogs, despite being ancestors of wolves, are not wolves, simply put. Research has unveiled that domesticated pups in North America have greater amounts of tooth loss and fractures than wolves, arguably because of their inability to hunt and scavenge.

Recent research has shown that in North America, domesticated dogs in comparison to  have more tooth loss and fractures despite being fed softer food types – probably due to the lack of bones – and the inability to be able to scavenge.

Studies have proven that a dog should technically be able to flourish on a plant-based, vegan diet so long as they’re consuming nutrients normally present in meat. But putting your pooch on a vegan diet is a risky thing, because protein deficiencies can develop far quicker than you may think.

Personally, I would never put any of my pets on a vegan diet, unless they needed to be put on one. I am a firm believer in simply leaving certain things alone, and a dog’s diet happens to be one of these things.

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